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Chief Legal Officer - Nexus One

RemoteNexus One

Job description

Nexus Mutual is an on-chain risk marketplace operated by and for members. Our mission is to build an ecosystem in which anyone can protect anyone else by sharing risk. The mutual launched in 2019 and has become the leading coverage provider within the DeFi ecosystem with more than $7.3m in claims that have been paid to date.

The protocol provides a decentralized, transparent alternative to traditional insurance companies. The economic incentives within the mutual solve the centralized insurance industry's core problem: the principal-agent problem.

What we are looking for

We are looking for an executive-level candidate, who can offer Legal Counsel for the Nexus One team, and assure that our team stays compliant, as we explore uncharted territories in the world of insurance and risk marketplaces.

Our team is looking for someone who enjoys working at the intersection of crypto and the real world, ideally in the insurance space. Ideally, a seasoned professional, can draft and enforce compliance programs and guidelines throughout our organization, and also lobby and initiate policies that allow Web3 insurance to be more compliant.

This role will sit within Nexus One, which is one of the Syndicates within the Nexus Decentralized Organisation, that will sit within our DAO.

What you will work on

  • Provide advice and recommendations regarding existing legal set-up and structures, and where our biggest risk lies
  • Set up new entities related to Nexus One
  • Own the process for establishing a new structure’s to sell regulated insurance (backed by Nexus Mutual).
  • Participate and support industry lobbying, and policy initiatives
  • Monitor changes to the legal and regulatory environment that may impact Nexus Mutual and or Nexus One
  • Drive fundraising processes from a legal perspective
  • Liaise with our team on legal, compliance, and regulatory activities
  • Review and draft various legal agreements

Job requirements

  • A strong understanding of the insurance landscape
  • A good overview of the US regulatory landscape, related to insurance and investments
  • Prior experience with setting up off-shore and near-shore entities
  • Prior experience with drafting internal and external policies
  • Prior experience with collaborating with counterparties and drafting and reviewing terms sheets and legal agreements

You will stand out if

  • You have prior experience with off-shore insurance fronting entities
  • You bring prior experience in the web3 space, and would like to shape the insurance industry through digitization and decentralization
  • You enjoy working with startups and enjoy building long-lasting organisations and functions

Why are we doing this?

The concept of insurance comes from communities in the past that pooled their resources to protect each other from the risks they all faced. It works better the more people are in the pool as the numbers become more reliable. But this method isn’t scalable because it is a trust-based system and the network of individuals trusted by everyone in the pool only extends so far. Hence traditional insurance companies emerged.

When Ethereum and smart contracts came along we realized we could apply our insurance industry knowledge to our passion for decentralised technology. We realized we could build a mutual on a platform where individuals only need to trust the system, not everyone in it.

Specifically, we could see a solution to the problem of agency—where an insurer looks after customers' money on their behalf. We also saw the opportunity to make significant cost savings compared to the traditional insurance model. As we’re already in the UK, we have the perfect base to build out this concept due to the existing law around mutuality.

The aim is to provide our members with more simple, transparent, accessible, and affordable financial protection against their risks.

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